What are we doing here?

Since we are a group adverse to having a leader, and have been trying in this process to adhere to an organic, low-pressure work ethic, we have been admittedly slow at getting things like a website, an online store, and uniform photographs of our books into order. We set up lights and forget time. We talk about Patti Smith and Nils Frahm and the Dirty Three. We practice horizontalization of our thinking processes. We puzzle over what distribution really means, and  meaning. We float balloons; we float blue. We imagine opening doors with no hands, with just the sheer magnetic pull of our hearts. We work very hard at this. We are at times minimalist or disorganized or spontaneous or worrying or still too busy (yet again), but always at least a little hopeful. Even despite. We agree it has to come from some real place. Making some books is not unlike herding a cat; or loving a pile of snakes; or like loving. Sometimes you get mired in somewhere. Sometimes you get glue-tracked and have to wait it out. Sometimes you wait for time to lose track of you before you pick up and start moving again. We started this thing in roughly the summer of 2015. Now it is almost 2017. // [ds]